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Meet the Doctor
Dr. Ryan Shakley Annapolis Chiropractor
Shakley Family Annapolis Chiropractor
    Ryan D. Shakley, DC


Dr. Ryan Shakley began his journey to becoming a Chiropractor before he was born.  During his mother's pregnancy, Dr. Shakley's mother began having low back pain and she was recommended to see a chiropractor.  As a result, Dr. Shakley was still in the womb when his mother received her first adjustment.  


Fast forward several years and Dr. Shakley found himself with several sports related injuries from his time playing recreational soccer, baseball, basketball, and studying karate, as well as beginning lacrosse, becoming an avid runner, achieving the rank of Eagle Scout with Boy Scout Troop 149, and becoming a captain of the Parkside High School football team.  Dr. Shakley was sent to several health professional's as a result of his injuries but unfortunately, he still continued to suffer.  It was at this point that Dr. Shakley's mother reintroduced him to Chiropractic at the Morrison Chiropractic Center in Salisbury, Md.  It was during his experience of being a Chiropractic patient that Dr. Shakley saw a dramatic improvement of his issues and realized that through learning Chiropractic, he could help a vast amount of people with their health challenges the same way it had helped him.


Over the next several years, Dr. Shakley worked towards achieving his goal, graduating from Salisbury University in Salisbury, Md with a B.S. in Biology and gaining acceptance to Palmer College of Chiropractic.  While at Palmer College, Dr. Shakley mastered the Palmer package of adjusting techniques and also elected to learn several others including Activator methods, Graston technique, Flexion Distraction technique, and Pierce Pro-Adjuster technique.  Prior to Graduating, Dr. Shakley traveled to India on a Chiropractic humanitarian trip and provided free care to the local communities and several schools.  He then returned home and began practice at the same clinic where he first sought care, with his mentors Dr. Timothy W. Morrison and Dr. Barrett E. Morrison at the Morrison Chiropractic Center in Salisbury, Md which has been serving the local community there since 1986.  As an associate doctor, Dr. Shakley gained invaluable experience over a nearly 7 year tenure, at which point, he decided to realize his dream of founding his own Chiropractic clinic, the Shakley Chiropractic and Wellness Center.   


Dr. Ryan Shakley and his wife Lynsey have two children Dylan and Olivia. The Shakley's truly love the Annapolis area and the community feel and look forward to establishing themselves as an integral part of the community.  

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