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Patient Testimonials!


                I started seeing Dr. Ryan in the beginning of August. I was in a car accident a few years ago, and developed issues that I just never addressed, and also had some wear and tear after many years of sports. Before Dr. Ryan I had been experiencing neck stiffness, neck pain, back pain, and knee pain. I had trouble bending, walking, running, and playing with my nieces. I had try seeing an orthopedic doctor, physical therapist, and massage therapist, but since seeing Dr. Ryan my back pain is basically gone, my neck pain and stiffness is much better, and I can participate in more activities than I used to be able to, I even completed a 5k. Dr. Ryan really listens to what you have to say and is very patient with you. He does his best to fix, and make you feel comfortable. Dr. Ryan is a very welcoming and caring person.


Brandi Dohm


I started with Dr. Shakley in July of 2015, for help with my injury I acquired as an adolescent. Prior to my care, I had been experiencing numbness in my right arm, difficulty turning my neck, and periodic back and leg pain. This has been an on-going issue for about 60 years. I have seen many doctors in the past to reiterate. These issues those were effecting my day to day activities, I was unable to exercise, at times difficulty performing different job duties, and I had difficulty sleeping. Since coming to Dr. Ryan I have had relief in my back pain, relief of the numbness, and a better range of motion in my neck. All though I only receive spinal manipulations, however after many years of different doctors and procedures I find Dr. Shakley’s techniques to be extremely effective for my own issues.


Mark Harrison


I have been under Dr. Shakley’s care since the beginning of august, concerning my jaw pain and headaches. My jaw has been bothering me for about 1 year, and my headaches have been ongoing for about 10 years now. These issues didn’t interfere with my normal day to day activity, I just had been experiencing uncomfortable and painful symptoms, but since coming to Dr. Ryan I’ve noticed progress, my jaw pain and headaches have not been as painful, and I have definitely noticed progress. Dr. Ryan and his staff are always helpful and nice, I still have more appointments to go in my treatment plan, but I am ready to keep progressing.


Danielle Crescenzi


I started coming to Dr. Ryan in the middle of July, for my lower and mid back pain. I have been experiencing this pain for about two years now. Dr. Ryan is the first physician I’ve seen for my back issues, my back pain is very minimal in effecting my day to day activities, I have just learned to work through the pain. Since I’ve been coming to Dr. Ryan I have noticed a increase in my range of motion, and my low back pain, which was the worst, has gotten increasingly better. Since my first visit, the doctor has been very thorough, along with Dr. Ryan, he and his staff are always very nice and willing to help.


David J. Myers





Bookers Annapolis Chiropractor

We met Dr. Ryan a couple of months ago. The very first visit was GREAT!  He was very thorough with the exam and x-rays to get a complete picture of our health, and combined with his wonderful bedside manners, we liked him right away! The next day we returned to the office to review our x-rays and exam report. We have been to many chiropractors over the years, but none like Dr. Ryan! Dr. Ryan has a great personality, and he really does want to help you get back to shape and be free of pain!

George had more problems than I did. Right sided back pain that radiated down his leg to his knee, and left shoulder pain, where he could barely raise his arm. We are happy to say within 3 visits the pain was almost gone. Now there is no pain! We still continue to come once a month for adjustments to stay healthy, and the great conversation, not only with Dr. Ryan, but with his wonderful receptionist Jill.

 Jill is sweet, kind and helpful. It is a joy to visit with her while we wait for Dr. Ryan to come in the room. They make you feel right at home, they’re like family to us! This office truly cares about their patients.

We would recommend Dr. Ryan to anyone! … And we have!


Thank you!



Dorothy and George Booker

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