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What to Expect


From your first visit, expect a warm welcome, friendly service, and personalized, professional care. We are dedicated to providing you with quality healthcare and education to help you obtain and maintain optimal health and well-being. Caring for your health involves getting to know you and your needs, this starts with a health history and consultation.


Health History & Consultation


The first step in developing a full understanding regarding your overall health potential is through a complete and thorough history consultation. During this consultation we will review your current health concerns, as well as past and family health histories, diet and lifestyle habits. These are important factors in obtaining an accurate diagnosis, and establishing the best care plan to optimize your health. 


Physical Examination


A thorough evaluation will be performed to help determine precisely where and to what extent your potential subluxations/nerve disturbance exist. This may include some of the following testing procedures: posture analysis, palpation, joint range of motion, muscle testing, neurological and orthopedic testing. The data from these tests will provide some of the necessary framework to help locate and correct your condition and provide a baseline in which to monitor your progress.


X-Rays and Further Testing


Specialized and advanced test procedures may be performed to further assist in determining the precise location and severity of your condition if deemed necessary. Radiographs can help demonstrate stresses placed on the body’s structure, help visualize subluxations, rule out fractures, dislocations, congenital anomalies and degenerative arthritic conditions. 


Report of Findings


The report of findings is a special appointment in which the doctor will review all of your test results with you. If your case is accepted then it means that the doctor believes he/she can help you with your condition. The doctor will inform and educate you regarding your particular case. Choices will be offered based on your individual goals and expectations. A payment plan will also be designed based on your particular needs.


Chiropractic Adjustments


If your case is accepted, then you will begin a program consisting of gentle, effective and safechiropractic adjustments. Adjustments are specific light forces performed in an attempt to correct your subluxations and improve your overall health potential. There are a variety of chiropractic techniques available dependent on each person's individual needs. Other complimentary adjunctive recommendations that help support your adjustment may be prescribed. These may include ice, heat, traction, exercises, massage, orthopedic supports, postural and ergonomic training.


New Patient Orientation


A well informed patient is able to make educated lifestyle choices that not only get them out of crisis, but on the road to optimal health.  Our New Patient Orientation is designed to maximize your healing experience. With a better understanding of how your body responds to physical, chemical, and emotional stress, and what you can do to combat that stress, you have greater control over your health.  Choose to be healthy.  

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