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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Annapolis Shoulder Pain Specialist

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is an issue that the vast majority of individuals will, at some point in their life, contend with. According to some estimates, over two-thirds of Americans have soreness in their shoulders. Shoulder discomfort can have a number of different causes, ranging from direct traumas to degenerative disorders.

Shoulder discomfort is common because most people have a tendency to overuse them.   The surrounding tendons can get swollen if there is a force applied directly or repeatedly to the area. As a result of the reaction of the body, there is an increase in the pressure that is placed on the joints and nerves, which makes it difficult to utilize the arm with a full range of motion. Other reasons for shoulder injuries include the following:

  • Arthritis

  • Bone spurs

  • Broken shoulder or arm bone

  • Bursitis

  • Dislocation

  • Pinched neve

  • Torn cartilage or rotator cuff


The symptoms are determined by the specific cause. In the case of a torn rotator cuff, for example, the tendons of the muscles that serve to support the shoulder joint become frayed. Because of the position of the injury, the person suffering from it will most likely have problems elevating their arm, and they could hear a clicking or popping sound whenever they move it.  Sometimes shoulder pain is caused by a pinched nerve near the neck that refers pain into the shoulder area and sometimes down the arm.  Our shoulder pain specialists can determine the cause and get you on track to relieve your pain and heal your shoulder.   

How to Diagnose Shoulder Pain


A person with moderate shoulder discomfort can address their symptoms with ice, rest, and relaxation. Avoiding as much usage of the joint as possible is an important step toward a complete recovery. On the other hand, if there is significant damage to the cartilage or the tendons, rehabilitation at home may not be possible.

If a few weeks of rest does not alleviate the shoulder discomfort you are experiencing, you should get in touch with a shoulder pain treatment professional at Shakley Chiropractic. In the meantime, you can also feel pain or discomfort in your shoulder. This is quite common. However,  It is important to contact 911 if you experience sudden pain that is not the result of an immediate accident since this might be an indication of an impending heart attack.

The Management of Shoulder Discomfort


When it comes to relieving discomfort in the shoulder, Shakley Chiropractic has got you covered. When it comes to the healing and restoration of the shoulder joint tissues, our treatments have been shown to be effective at relieving pain and allowing your body to heal.  Whether you are suffering from bursitis or rotator cuff tendonitis, we will collaborate with you to develop a specialized treatment strategy to address your condition.

Discover what we can do to alleviate your shoulder discomfort by scheduling a free consultation with us now.

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